Giving Back to our Community Matters

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As your community leader, I am committed to working with our youth, speaking to them about the importance of public service, volunteering, community outreach, and mentoring. This outreach is crucial to developing our leaders of tomorrow. We need to show our youth at an early age that what they do for the community matters. Even helping out your neighbor with yard work is giving back to your community. Our actions, words, and interactions with each other unites us and makes us feel included. In my community of Woodbury and Washington County, I want residents to feel that they belong, are treated equally, and are listened to and respected. It's important that our youth share the same vision, mission, and goals. They learn so much from us and how we lead them matters. Let's share and teach them the importance of accepting and growing through public service, volunteering, community outreach, and mentoring.

If you have the need for a speaker on the importance of public service, volunteering, and the like, please contact me, I am more than willing to share my passion and experience with those that are willing to listen.

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